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Software development

We develop responsive websites, mobile applications, multitouch user interfaces, RESTful web services and embedded sytems. We do our best to apply the Agile Manifesto not only as a development methodology but in life as general.

We speak HTML5, CSS3, Javascript client and server-side, PHP, C, C++

Hardware development

Our CNC router and 3D printer enable us to quickly develop, test and iterate physical prototypes. We specialize in the production arduino-compatible circuit boards that can easily be reprogrammed by anyone using the Arduino IDE.


In order to keep a pedagogical approach in what we do and to stay students forever, we supervise master students in computer science at the University of Geneva and assist students of the HEAD Media Design master. Contact us if you would like to organize workshops with us.

« Enseigner, c’est apprendre deux fois. »
Joseph Joubert



RGBA LED driver

This arduino-compatible RGBA LED driver allows to wirelessly control up to four channels of LED strips, either 12V or 24V. Each channel can go up to 5Amps.

Thanks to the embedded PCA9685, each channel can be controlled with a resolution of 12bits (4096 steps) which is great for low light gradual fades.

Optionally, a passive infra-red motion sensor (PIR) can be connected to trigger the light.

Schematics are available here and a simple library can be found on github.

IoT module sixpack

each of those Arduino UNO compatible circuit boards measure 30mm x 30mm.


  • - All the pins of the atmega32 are exposed
  • - Embedded RFM12B transceiver
  • - Can be powered with up to 24V DC
  • - Operates at 3.3V
  • - Four mounting holes to attach it with screws or zip ties.
  • - All pins are labeled on the PCB
  • - Open hardware design
  • - As for beer, they come in six pack

The boards are inspired by the great work of JCW at jeelabs. Using the same RFM12B transceiver, they can benefit from great open source libraries detailed on his website.

Schematics will very soon be available. In the meantime, feel free to ask by mail.

Wall switch module

This small wireless module is placed behind a wall switch. Powered by mains, it detects when the switch is pressed and transmits the information to the main home automation hub. Fused for enhanced safety, this product is however not certified.

Schematics are not available yet but feel free to ask by mail.



Web / Mobile

Physical Computing




TheFabric Physical Computing Sàrl is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 2011 by Dr. Xavier Righetti, the company specializes in the design and development of interactive solutions — whether they are tangible, based on open hardware systems, or graphical, based on open source software. Should you have any inquiries, please contact us by phone or email. We are looking forward to hearing from you :)

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